Life Fitness X1 Cross Trainer Review

Life Fitness X1 Cross Trainer Track ConsolePrice: £2,095
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Build Quality: 5
Ease of use: 5
Console Features: 5
Value for Money: 4



The Life Fitness brand is well known throughout the world due to its prominence in gyms and health clubs. It can quite often be the only experience of a cross trainer that people have had.

Life Fitness have a large range of both commercial and home use models, ranging from the X1 model reviewed here right up to the impressive club series integrity range.  So, what can you expect from the X1?  Firstly, as with previous models there are two console options, with the more basic GO and the more advanced TRACK.  The track console incorporates iPOD/iphone compatibility with integrated controls to adjust the volume and make track changes.  No speakers are included so headphones would still be required, however it does remove the need to fiddle with your ipod during your workout and it does seem that more and more manufacturers are starting to include this type of technology in their ranges.

Life Fitness X1 Cross Trainer Track Console, ConsoleThe track console also includes a virtual trainer facility which allows users to create workouts, track results and progress online and then connect to the console directly via USB or by using the rather innovative Life Fitness virtual trainer App. There are also a huge number of programs available from the console directly including heart rate control, interval training and goal base workouts.  Up to 4 user profiles can be created and a wireless chest strap is included.  Despite this sophistication it was still easy to navigate and felt quite intuitive to use.

This is no small unit at just over 2 metres long (206cm L x 76cm W) and the stride length is substantial as a result. 20 inches should, broadly speaking cater for the majority of users quite comfortably with only exceptionally tall users (195cm and over) potentially finding the stride a bit short.  The whisper stride technology that Life Fitness use means that operation is silent and smooth regardless of the resistance level.

It feels solid and very well made and the maximum user weight of 158kg (29 stone) reflects this. The warranty is a very respectable onsite 3 years parts and labour, it has quite a contemporary style and is certainly on a par with other prestige brands like Octane Fitness or Precor Fitness in terms of features and specification.


  • Feature packed console
  • Good biomechanics and decent stride length.


  • None really, although the price point means that the X1 will only be an option for those with a reasonable budget and space to match.

In summary then, a quality elliptical that looks and feels every bit a prestige piece of fitness equipment. Lots of programs included with a smooth comfortable ride, catering for users of all shapes and sizes.

Price: £2,095
Buy From: Fitness Superstore