Octane Q35C Elliptical Review

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Ease of use: 5
Console Features: 3.5
Value for Money: 3.5
Comfort: 5

The Q35C elliptical from Octane is their entry level cross trainer. Don’t be fooled however, into thinking that this is an entry level product. Octane Fitness are one of the world’s premier manufacturers of ellipticals. One of the reasons they are so good at what they do is because it is the only type of fitness product they make.

The stride pattern and shape of movement on their machines is unlike any other. This is because they have focused their attentions on making the workout as natural as possible by mapping to the body’s natural biomechanics. This enables users to concentrate more on putting effort into resistance levels rather than having to overcome the more usual bouncing stride of most other cross trainers. The movement is flatter and far more like a running motion which virtually eliminates any heel lift resulting in more leg muscles being used therefore creating a much more efficient workout.

The stride length is 20.5 inches and the pedals are spaced at less than 2 inches which will suit almost everyone, with only very tall users over 193cm perhaps finding it a little on the short side. Despite the not inconsiderable stride length this elliptical does not have a large foot print. At just 66cm wide by 166cm long the Q35c would be considered compact in comparison to the alternatives at this price point in the market and this is due to Octane’s patented Quadlink drive mechanism.

The upper body moving arms are also well positioned to allow maximum engagement of the core muscles and ensure users retain good posture when working out.  The console is well laid out and easy to read with all the essential workout feedback displayed. Program wise there are 10 preset options providing variety and challenge for all levels of fitness.  There is also the X-mode option which has timed random exercise prompts to break up the monotony of a workout and ensure you are pushing yourself.

GluteKicker and Arm Blaster are two other program variants unique to Octane to focus on upper or lower body accordingly.  Hear rate monitoring is available via the contact grips on the static handles although use of a telemetric wireless strap is excluded as the console has no polar chip. This is a surprising omission on a product at this level and value however   this feature is included on the higher spec Q37ci model. The whole machine feels substantial and is backed by a 5 year parts and 2 year labour warranty.



  • Fantastic natural biomechanics
  • Compact footprint
  • Effective upper body workout



  • Lack of wireless heart rate option and heart rate programs
  • Console a little basic considering the price.

In summary then, if you are looking for a cross trainer with the best ergonomics and the most natural movement the Q35C is better than any other cross trainer out there for this sort of money. The lack of console features won’t put everyone off as there are enough options for the majority. Its compact size and bombproof build quality will also appeal to many although the premium price may not as much.

Price: £1,899
Buy From:
Fitness Superstore

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