Horizon Syros Elliptical Review

Horizon Syros elliptical

Price: £279
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Fitness Superstore

Overall rating: 4
Ease of use: 4
Console features: 3
Value for money: 4
Comfort: 3.5
Build quality:

The Horizon Syros is from the low end of the price scale in the Horizon elliptical range and is a very good choice if you’re looking for a crosstrainer for the home on a budget. Very user friendly, compact and a good build for the money, it’s great for using in the home and is one of the better ellipticals on the market in this price range.

Save on space with this compact design

This is a compact machine, measuring just 145cm long by 60cm wide, which will certainly help if you want to save on space. It’s also fairly light – under 50kg – so it’s relatively easy to move it around. However, although it is light, it still feels pretty solid and is more than capable of taking its recommended user capacity of 136kg.

One thing to mention though is that, being a compact elliptical, it does mean there’s a shorter stride length, which may feel slightly inhibitive to the taller user.

Your comfort

Overall, I found the Syros to be a pretty smooth ride with a 7kg flywheel. As already mentioned, it does have a slightly shorter stride length than is recommended, but I found its 16” adequate, though slightly uncomfortable when moving more swiftly, so far better for low-impact workouts. If you’re not looking to go too fast and are more into resistance, it offers 16 resistance levels, which provides a challenge for all users, whatever your ability. I’ve tried a few manual resistance crosstrainers and they definitely weren’t as smooth as this. If you’re a taller user though, you may want to look for a longer stride length to provide greater comfort.

The oversized foot pads are a nice touch, providing you with more space to find the most comfortable position for you.

Getting you motivated

Horizon Syros elliptical consoleAn elliptical at the budget end of the price scale, I wouldn’t expect the Horizon Syros to offer a massive array of innovation. However, I was impressed with its offering. With 9 programmes, you are able to vary your routine and it comes with really good, customisable display information including calories, body fat and pulse to name just three. It also includes heart rate training, which is a nice extra as crosstrainers at this price usually come with monitoring only.

This trainer comes with good warranty – 3 years parts and labour, which is a good selling point.


This is an ideal elliptical for low-impact use at home for the everyday fitness fanatic. So, if you’re looking for a machine that’s easy to use, not too technical and is affordable, this one comes highly recommended. I would just suggest taller users try before buying as the 16” stride length may be slightly inhibitive. If gadgets are more your thing though, you may want to look at NordicTracks, renowned for their innovation.

£279.00 Buy From: Fitness Superstore

NordicTrack – E4.2 Elliptical Review

NordicTrack e4.2 elliptical trainer

Price: £399
Buy From:
Fitness Superstore

Overall rating: 4
Ease of use: 3.5
Console features: 4
Value for money: 4
Comfort: 4
Build quality: 4

Renowned for innovation, Nordic Track fitness equipment always has much to offer on the features front, and the E4.2 elliptical is no different. With a total of 20 challenging resistance levels and iFit SD card compatibility, it’s great for those who want some variety in their workout. The focus on innovation doesn’t compromise the overall quality though as it’s a solid elliptical offering a very smooth workout.

Fantastic motivational workouts

NordicTrack e4.2 elliptical consoleThis crosstrainer is packed with plenty of ways to bring diversity to your training. In total, there are 23 workouts – not many offer that much variety – and they all have their benefits, depending on your goals. There are 12 personal trainer programmes, which are great if you need that extra pressure in your ear to get you moving! A great alternative to a real PT in a gym. There’s also a heart rate control option and lots more. What I really liked was all the feedback for your workout clearly displayed on the console.

Another key selling point for this elliptical is its iFit SD compatibility. You can buy different iFit SD cards for under £20, all offering different workouts, such as weight loss, wellness, etc. I tried out iFit Circuit Training Level 1. It includes 24 elliptical workouts, which I think is great value for money. You may also be interested to know that it also includes 24 treadmill and exercise bike workouts too, so you could use on the NordicTrack GX3.2 Upright Cycle, for example. Listening to the certified personal trainer, I was talked through my workout from start to end.

I also really liked the fact this has a music port so I could listen to my iPod. This was really handy, meaning I didn’t have to bring my docking station into my home gym.

Comfortable workout experience

Overall, I was very happy with the workout experience offered by this crosstrainer. Although many advise that a 20 inch stride is preferable, this elliptical offers 17 inches, which I found very comfortable. At just under 6 feet tall, I’ve always found this stride length to be more than adequate so would only advise you to perhaps look for longer if you’re of exceptional height. A good idea is always to try before you buy though!

I found the machine offered a really smooth action too, making this very comfortable indeed. Compared to others in this price range, it was definitely superior, so I think you’d be hard pushed to find smoother.

For the space conscious, this elliptical comes in at a very reasonable 133cm length and although not foldable, can be moved pretty easily with the transport wheels. A pretty sturdy product weighing in at 66kg and will cope with users up to 150kg.

If you’re trying to save space, there’s lots of great space saving fitness equipment on the market, such as folding treadmills, but one thing I would recommend is to not go for a really compact crosstrainer. Even though it helps to save space, I think it’s best to make an exception with ellipticals, otherwise you do lose out on comfort. This elliptical is an average size. I have tried out smaller, but noticed the difference as the stride length just wasn’t long enough. As said above though, do try before you buy as shorter individuals may not agree! The E4.2 was the largest I could find that fits nicely in my home gym – not taking up too much space but also not compromising on user experience.


In summary then, the E4.2 gives you a lot for your money. It has the comfort as well as the innovation to make your workouts far more enjoyable and is one of the best you’ll get at this price range.

£399.00 Buy From: Fitness Superstore